Maxon Air LLC

  • Tired of never knowing what you are getting when you call an A/C company?
  • Are you tired of being sold things you don't think you need?
  • Looking for honesty and integrity?
  • Contact us and we will take care of you!

The truth is that you don't have to settle for less. We founded this company on the fact that there is enough honest work out there. We can make a living without selling you things that we don't believe in.  Anything we might offer works and is necessary to maintain or improve your system.  We treat you right and keep you coming back for our honest advice and knowledge. If you are looking for someone to band-aid problems and repair equipment that is long past its usable life, then you probably aren't looking for us.  We will do our best to get it done right at the lowest possible cost to you.  

We take pride in our work, and we hope that you can feel good about any experience you might have with us.  If you are not happy, give us a call. We will take care of it.  We are dedicated to bringing the best experience out there.

We can take care of all your Air Conditioning and Heating needs from maintenance and cleaning to replacement of old or non-working systems.  It helps to know that if we find something, we will let you know. If we replace something, we always give you the option to keep the damaged or worn parts because it keeps companies out there honest, and it keeps you informed.  Give us a call!  WE ARE HERE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!              
Maxon Air LLC
3505 W Rose Garden Ln
Glendale, AZ  85308

License ROC 276946

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