About Us

We believe that treating you right! We want to give you our honest, professional advice that will keep you coming back again and again!

Maxon Air LLC was founded because Cory believed there was a better way of doing things. Cory's years of experience in the Valley as a technician and manager at local companies led him to believe it.  Now, does that mean he knows everything?  No, in fact, he continues to educate himself on better ways of doing business and insists that those around him continue to learn new things and express their opinions and ideas.

As the owner of the company, he asks customers to remember that the person there to fix your air conditioner or heater is still just that, a person.  They have families and lives and they are important to someone. At the time they are helping you, they are an important part of your day.  We ask that you treat them with the respect you would like to be treated and know they are doing their best to help you as quickly as possible.  We pledge to you the best service possible and wish you and your families the best. If you give us trust and respect, we will be able to help you more easily and get the job done right. 

We're unique because we work hard to bring you the best service possible at the best price possible.  We want you to keep calling us back.  We want to be there to fix the problem if it should arise.

Service Staff
Cory Maxon
Co-CEO, Service manager    cory@maxonairllc.com
Michelle Maxon
Office Manager michelle@maxonairllc.com
Maxon Air LLC
3505 W Rose Garden Ln
Glendale, AZ  85308

License ROC 276946
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